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Hong Kong is a very vibrant city and its a gateway to China, its known for its glitter and glamor behind this it is one of the great and flourishing economies of the world. Just to give you few pointers on how best it is to have your business presence in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong credit rating index by different credit agencies in different areas has been very positive.

  • Standard & Poor’s credit rating for Hong Kong stands at AAA;
  • Moody’s rating on sovereign debt is Aa1; and
  • Fitch’s credit rating for the city is AA+.
  • Hong kong has one of the freest economies in the world
  • It is a International Financial Hub
  • It is named as number one Business city in Asia
  • Hong Kong has been ranked first in terms of economic freedom for 20 years (1995–2014), according to the Heritage Foundation
  • Hong Kong has a mature and active foreign exchange market

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For Unlimited Company

Unlimited company can be categorized into two types:

Sole trader / proprietor

Partnership firm

Sole trader/ Proprietor

A sole trader / proprietor can commence business after paying Business Registration (BR) fee (i.e., HK$ 2,600 for one year BR certificate; or HK$ 7,000 for three years BR certificate).


A partnership is created by an agreement between partners. The agreement does not need to be in writing; although, in practice, many partnerships will have written articles which are adopted by all the partners. Same as sole trader / proprietor, Business Registration (BR) fee must be paid (i.e., HK$ 2,600 for one year BR Certificate; or HK$ 7,000 for three years BR Certificate).


For Limited Company

Ready made company list – [Available Upon Request]

Selection of name

Selection can be made by two methods either using your own selected name or from the list of ready made companies. Click here to access the ready made companies list.

Suggest a company name for the proposed company.

Name search have to be conducted at the companies registry’s terminals to ensure that the proposed company name has not yet been registered.

Please note that a company name will not be registered if it is already appearing on the index of company names maintained by the registrar of companies. Also, it may be required to end the name with “LIMITED” signifying the limited nature of the company.

What are the Setup requirements?

  • Submit the following documents to the companies registry together with the prescribed fees:
  • Memorandum and articles of association of the proposed company; and
  • Legal form of statutory declaration of compliance.

What is the Setup time?

  • It takes around one (1) working day for the companies registry to issue a Certificate of Incorporation(CI) and the presenter will be notified accordingly.
  • Every limited company then requires to apply for a valid Business Registration (BR) Certificate which is issued and regulated by the Inland Revenue Department.
  • A copy of Certificate of Incorporation(CI) and BR Certificate application form shall be submitted to Inland Revenue Department together with the prescribed fee.
  • In normal procedure, the BR Certificate will be issued instantly.

What all documentations are required?


  • According to the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 32), every limited company in Hong Kong is required to keep the following items:
  • common seal
  • signature chop
  • registry of directors, secretaries, members, charges and transfer
  • minutes book and V. Copies of shares certificate


  • Get started to operate your limited company, and open a business bank account for your company. Documents have to be submitted when open a business bank account in Hong Kong include
  • Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • And subsequent certificate of change of name, If any
  • Certified true company of Business Registration Certificate
  • Newly Formed company – Form D1, all subsequent Form D2 and Form D4 (if any)
  • Director declaration detailing particulars of the directors and principal shareholders, and certification letter from CPA or lawyer.
  • Formed over 1 year – Certified true copy of Form AR1 or Form D1 and register of members/shareholders, plus all subsequent Form D2, return of allotments, instrument of transfer detailing the particulars of the directors and principal shareholders.
  • Certified true copy of Form D3
  • Certified true copy of directors, authorized signatories and principal shareholders, Hong Kong identity card or valid passport.
  • Residential address proof
  • Proof of business (e.g., Invoices, contracts, license, or business plan etc.,)
  • Minutes of meeting (optional)
  • completed account opening form and signature cards
  • Mandate for opening a limited company account duly signed by a quorum of directors
  • Initial deposit (Normally, HK$ 2,000)

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