Accounting and Audit Arrangements

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  • Maintenance of accounting books & records
  • Preparation of periodic and annual accounts
  • Audit arrangement of annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Companies Ordinance and any other ordinance

We can handle the accounting work for you on the following mentioned basis:

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly

In additions to this we make special arrangements for making accounts specifically for the following:

  • Banks
  • Immigration purpose
  • Inland revenue department (in between the term matters)

We prepare a full set of computerized accounts to the following businesses:

  • All limited companies
  • Sole proprietorship; and
  • Partnership business
  • Audit Arrangements
  • Auditing is statutory requirement for a limited liability company to enjoy the privilege of limited liability. We can help to arrange the work be carried out in the most cost effective and efficient way. We have well known experience in arranging audit for our clients.

We can arrange appropriate Certified Public Accountants to perform the following audit services:

  • Audit financial statements and report in accordance with statutory and other relevant reporting guidelines to fulfill compliance requirements.
  • Evaluate internal operation and accounting controls, suggest possible improvements to safeguarding and control company resources; and
  • Provide specialized audits and reports including audits for mergers, acquisitions, stock exchange listing and litigation purpose.
  • Providing the follow up with Inland Revenue Department and Taxation matters

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