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Buttar & Associates is a part of Buttar Group of Companies, We are a Professional Services company, founded and established since 1996 by Mr. Kuldeep Buttar in Hong Kong.

Since then we are in constant endeavor in promoting Hong Kong as a best Business, Finance and Travel destination of the World.

We started as a Small Accounting firm in 1996 and as the years passed we diversified into many different areas of business like Business Development, Company formation, Accounting & audit arrangements, Secretarial services, Tax consultancy & Tax filing, Banking & Finance Advising, Trademark Registration Services, Representative office in China, Travel Tourism, Business Directory listings, Immigration Services Etc. Only Indian CPA and CA with difference.

In the year 2005 we proudly started our operations in Mau Lam commercial Building. We have individual operations running in self-owned offices situated in the central location of Hong Kong and we are constantly growing and working towards more successful future.

Our company’s strength lies in our experienced and qualified staff who are highly motivated and matured to understand and advise our most demanding and large clientele. Under the guidance and leadership of our beloved Chairman & visionary Mr. Buttar the company has grown by leaps and boundaries.

Our company is build on the principles of

  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Quality Service
  • Client Satisfaction &
  • Professional Approach

Our mission is to

  • Grow and Steady Growth is what we have achieved and we have kept that momentum
  • To Keep it Simple in this Complex world
  • To do what we Love and we are not worried about Success
  • Giving / Sharing
  • Maintain Social and Cultural Harmony
  • Keep our Employees Happy, as Happy mind’s can only deliver good results
  • Be Consistent and Focused

Our Vision is to build Greater and Stronger company with the support of Great people and their exceptional talents.

Chairman's Profile

Mr. Kuldeep S. Buttar is the founder of Buttar & Associates and its other group of companies. He is a competent, energetic...

Chairman's Message

“Kung Hei Fat Choi” A very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year to you all. On the occasion of this chinese new year I am very happy


Successful business development often requires a multi--disciplinary approach beyond just 'a sale to a customer'


We are Growing because we completely understand your need

Growing Clientele

self owned offices

Servicing Staff


We are a Professional Services company, founded and established since 1996, our different areas of business are Business Development, Company formation, Accounting & audit arrangements, Secretarial services, Tax consultancy & Tax filing, Banking & Finance Advising, Trademark Registration Services, Representative office in China, Travel Tourism, Business Directory listings, Immigration Services Etc

Business Development

Business development encompasses a number of techniques designed to grow an economic

HK Company Formation

Setting up a company is Faster, cheaper and convenient, With years of experience we can

Offshore Co. Formation

There are different requirements and advise required to open companies in different location


Accounting & auditing

We can handle the accounting work, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. We prepare a full

Banking & Finance

We provide banking and financing advisory services. Financial institutions in Hong Kong for

Secretarial services

Maintenance of statutory records, local company secretary, regd. office address,

Business Development

Business development encompasses a number of techniques designed to grow an economic enterprise. Successful business development often requires a multi–disciplinary approach beyond just “a sale to a customer.”

A detailed strategy for growing the business in desirable ways is frequently necessary, which may require proper information, finance, legal and advertising skills.

Our Qualified and experienced staff can suggest and help you with all the professional services needed for your business success and growth.

Secretarial services

=>Assistance in setting up new companies in Hong Kong, China ,British Virgin Islands & Marshall Islands

=>Maintenance of statutory records, e.g. Register of Shareholders, Register of Directors

=>Arranging and attending meeting of directors and shareholders and preparation of minutes

=>Provision for a local company secretary , local agent for overseas clients and nominee directors’ & shareholders’ service

=>Provision of registered office address in Hong Kong

=>Filing of statutory annual returns

=>Deregistration and members’ voluntary winding up

=>Handling of commercial papers, e.g. banking and shipping documents

=>Assistance to open bank account in Hong Kong & China

=>Document Translation

Hong Kong Company Formation

Hong Kong is a very vibrant city and its a gateway to China, its known for its glitter and glamor behind this it is one of the great and flourishing economies of the world. Just to give you few pointers on how best it is to have your business presence in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong credit rating index by different credit agencies in different areas has been very positive.

  • Standard & Poor’s credit rating for Hong Kong stands at AAA;
  • Moody’s rating on sovereign debt is Aa1; and
  • Fitch’s credit rating for the city is AA+.
  • Hong kong has one of the freest economies in the world
  • It is a International Financial Hub
  • It is named as number one Business city in Asia
  • Hong Kong has been ranked first in terms of economic freedom for 20 years (1995–2014), according to the Heritage Foundation
  • Hong Kong has a mature and active foreign exchange market

Setting up a company is Faster, cheaper and convenient, With years of experience we can help you with company formation and business development services.

For Unlimited Company

Unlimited company can be categorized into two types:

Sole trader / proprietor

Partnership firm

Sole trader/ Proprietor

A sole trader / proprietor can commence business after paying Business Registration (BR) fee (i.e., HK$ 2,600 for one year BR certificate; or HK$ 7,000 for three years BR certificate).


A partnership is created by an agreement between partners. The agreement does not need to be in writing; although, in practice, many partnerships will have written articles which are adopted by all the partners. Same as sole trader / proprietor, Business Registration (BR) fee must be paid (i.e., HK$ 2,600 for one year BR Certificate; or HK$ 7,000 for three years BR Certificate).

For Limited Company

Ready made company list – [Available Upon Request]

Selection of name

Selection can be made by two methods either using your own selected name or from the list of ready made companies. Click here to access the ready made companies list.

Suggest a company name for the proposed company.

Name search have to be conducted at the companies registry’s terminals to ensure that the proposed company name has not yet been registered.

Please note that a company name will not be registered if it is already appearing on the index of company names maintained by the registrar of companies. Also, it may be required to end the name with “LIMITED” signifying the limited nature of the company.

Setup requirements

Submit the following documents to the companies registry together with the prescribed fees:

Memorandum and articles of association of the proposed company; and

Legal form of statutory declaration of compliance.

Setup time

It takes around one (1) working day for the companies registry to issue a Certificate of Incorporation(CI) and the presenter will be notified accordingly.

Every limited company then requires to apply for a valid Business Registration (BR) Certificate which is issued and regulated by the Inland Revenue Department.

A copy of Certificate of Incorporation(CI) and BR Certificate application form shall be submitted to Inland Revenue Department together with the prescribed fee.

In normal procedure, the BR Certificate will be issued instantly.


According to the Companies Ordinance (Chapter 32), every limited company in Hong Kong is required to keep the following items:

common seal

signature chop

registry of directors, secretaries, members, charges and transfer

minutes book and V. Copies of shares certificate


Get started to operate your limited company, and open a business bank account for your company. Documents have to be submitted when open a business bank account in Hong Kong include

Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation

And subsequent certificate of change of name, If any

Certified true company of Business Registration Certificate

Newly Formed company – Form D1, all subsequent Form D2 and Form D4 (if any)

Director declaration detailing particulars of the directors and principal shareholders, and certification letter from CPA or lawyer.

Formed over 1 year – Certified true copy of Form AR1 or Form D1 and register of members/shareholders, plus all subsequent Form D2, return of allotments, instrument of transfer detailing the particulars of the directors and principal shareholders.

Certified true copy of Form D3

Certified true copy of directors, authorized signatories and principal shareholders, Hong Kong identity card or valid passport.

Residential address proof

Proof of business (e.g., Invoices, contracts, license, or business plan etc.,)

Minutes of meeting (optional)

completed account opening form and signature cards

Mandate for opening a limited company account duly signed by a quorum of directors

Initial deposit (Normally, HK$ 2,000)

Offshore Company Formation

We do company formation in the following offshore locations. there are different requirements and advise required to open companies in different location with our expertise and knowledge we can help you setup the offshore companies in best convenient way.



British Virgin Island

Cayman Islands






Representative office in China


  • Least capital injection required. As RO is not a legal entity, actually no minimum share capital is required
  • Can hire local staffs
  • Can handle market research, sourcing, project investigation for mother company, who in turn to execute trading function


  • Limitation in activity. No trading or invoicing is allowed
  • Local staff should be hired via government admitted agents
  • Although not profit center, cost expenses still attract tax liability(ies)

Setup Requirements

  • Takes around one (1) month to apply
  • A chief representative (CR) is to be appointed
  • Company should be able to present bank reference letter showing 6 digit average balance in past 6 months (in HK$ terms).
  • An office premise rental agreement (or ownership document) which is valid for foreign investor use. The term should be at least 12 months long.

Documents required

Applicant company

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Member register
  • Director register
  • Last filed return to company registry
  • Last filed return to tax department
  • Company/Business profile and reason of setting up RO
  • Minutes of board meeting to setup RO
  • Minutes of board meeting to authorize chief representative
  • Bank reference letter

Chief representative

  • Valid Passport copy
  • Photos
  • Resume

Application letter

  • One to Foreign Economic Relations & Trade Commission
  • Another one to Administrative Council of Industry & Commerce

Tax Implications

Although a RO is not to conduct business, it attracts tax on:

  • Chief representative and local staff’s individual income tax (IIT)
  • Business tax base on monthly operational expenses (BT)
  • Income tax base on annual operational expenses (IT)
  • IIT above depends on salary amount while BT 7 IT roughly amounts to 10% of annual operational expenses.

Maintenance Cost

  • License renewal – RO license has to be applied again once permit is expired. Maximum 3 years approval will be granted and depends on rental lease terms.

Accounting, tax filing and auditing

  • Tax filing has to be done on monthly and annual basis.
  • Moreover, there are statutory audit on the expenses account and foreign currency back account
  • Service fee for monthly accounting and tax filing starts from RMB 2,500 while annual audit starts from RMB 5,00
Tax consultancy

Acting as tax representatives

Preparation and filing of various tax returns including Profits Tax Returns, Employer’s Return of remuneration of employees, Tax Returns for individuals, Property Tax Returns and Personal Assessment Returns

Tax planning and advice on tax matters of companies and individuals

Assistance in handling Inland revenue department’s enquiries tax field audits, tax investigation and appeals.

Accounting & audit arrangements
  • Maintenance of accounting books & records
  • Preparation of periodic and annual accounts
  • Audit arrangement of annual accounts of companies in compliance with the Companies Ordinance and any other ordinance

We can handle the accounting work for you on the following mentioned basis:



Quarterly and


In additions to this we make special arrangements for making accounts specifically for the following:

  • Banks
  • Immigration purpose
  • Inland revenue department (in between the term matters)

We prepare a full set of computerized accounts to the following business.

  • All limited companies
  • Sole proprietorship; and
  • Partnership business
  • Audit Arrangements
  • Auditing is statutory requirement for a limited liability company to enjoy the privilege of limited liability. We can help to arrange the work be carried out in the most cost effective and efficient way. We have well known experience in arranging audit for our clients.

We can arrange appropriate Certified Public Accountants to perform the following audit services:

  • Audit financial statements and report in accordance with statutory and other relevant reporting guidelines to fulfill compliance requirements.
  • Evaluate internal operation and accounting controls, suggest possible improvements to safeguarding and control company resources; and
  • Provide specialized audits and reports including audits for mergers, acquisitions, stock exchange listing and litigation purpose.
  • Providing the follow up with Inland Revenue Department and Taxation matters.
Banking & Finance

We provide banking and financing advisory services. If you are looking at expanding or a substantial growth in your business, Hong Kong is the right place. There are different kinds of financing available from leadings Financial institutions in Hong Kong for lower interest rates. we can advise you on types of financing available from different financial institution in Hong Kong and requirements.

We advise our clients on the basis of their business model and financial requirements to create structural benefit to enhance the “Enterprise Value” of the organisation

Trade Finance:

  • Letter of Credit Advising
  • Letter of Credit Document Discounting (DP/DA)
  • Pre Shipment and Post Shipment Credit Finance Against LC
  • Account Receivable Financing / Factoring for Exporters
  • Buyers Credit- Consultancy & Selection of Lender
  • Post Import Finance

Corporate & Structured Finance:

  • Term Loan to Exporters
  • External Commercial Borrowing- Consultancy & Selection of lender
  • International Project Financing (For Expansion/Start up)- Consultancy & Selection of lender
  • International Project Financing for Exporters (Non-Recourse  Loan)-Consultancy & Selection of lender
  • Structured Loan to Indian Exporters for refinancing the local rupee loan

Treasury Risk Management:

  • Currency Hedging Strategies
  • Currency Trading Strategies in Future/Forward/NDF markets
  • Currency Hedging & Trading at DGCX- Dubai for Indian exporters
Immigration Consultancy

We provide a simplified solution with our in-depth knowledge and years of experience in the procedures and requirements of visa application. We offer professional advice on choosing the most appropriate visa type and its relevant forms, with the best strategy. Below is a list of the most commonly-applied visa types and immigration services in Hong Kong

Visa Applications:

Employment Visa (commonly known as Working Visa or Work Permit)

Investment Based Employment Visa (for Company Owners)

Dependant Visa


Student Visa

Business or Leisure Visit Visa

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme


Visa Extension and Change of Status

All kinds of Extension

Change of Status

Change of Employers/Sponsors


Other Entrant Schemes

Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Right of Abode

Other services
  • Logistic document handling
  • Handling of Banking and Shipping Documents

We dedicate our staffs at your service, looking after your documents related to banking, shipping and also filing of declarations with local offices.

  • Document Translation

We provide translation for all kinds of documents by sworn translators for official use.

  • Notarizations & Certified True Copies

We also specialize in all kinds of notarization for China Representative Office, attestation by Lawyer and also certify copies of documents for official and personal use.

  • Trademark Registration Services

For branding, our team also provides trademark registration services for Hong Kong, in order for your brand to be protected and registered.

  • World Wide Hotel Booking

Our separate entity, Speedway Travel Limited is able to assist all kinds of hotel bookings, all around the globe.

Send us your Question

Please feel free to contact us, in case you have any Question for us?


office address & location

Our office addresses, Map and transportation available to reach us

Hong Kong Head Office

1/F, Mau Lam Commercial Building, 16-18 Mau Lam Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2312 0148 | Fax: (852) 2375 6513
Email: info@indiancpa.hk

India Associate Office Details

Mr. Ajit Kumar – Corporate Finance & Planning – Advisors (India & Global)

Level 12, Tower C, Building 8, DLF Cyber City, Phase II, Gurgaon (Haryana) INDIA
Email: ajit@buttar.hk

Accounts and Business Development Office

6/F, Mau Lam Commercial Building, 16-18 Mau Lam Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2740 9091 | Fax: (852) 2264 8622
Email: info@indiancpa.hk

Immigration and Handling of Documents

10/F, Mau Lam Commercial Building, 16-18 Mau Lam Street, Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2384 9500 | Fax: (852) 3591 9912
Email: info@visto.hk


Get down at kowloon station and take the shuttle bus no. K1(To Hung Hom & Jordan) get down at the 1st Stop “Jordan Station (Austin Road)”. Its about 5mins walking distance via Nathan road towards Yau Ma Tai. Please follow the map



Jordan Station Ext. B1 or B2 4 mins walking distance to Mau lam Street.

Austin Station Exit A 8mins Walking distance to Mau Lam Street.



From Airport take a bus No. A21 get down at the “Nathan Hotel Stop” on Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei. You can walk down to Mau Lam Street. we are just few meters away.



Taxi get of Stop Nathan Hotel on Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, we are just few meters away.

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