Dr. Kuldeep S. Buttar

Founder & Chairman
Buttar Group of Companies

“Kung Hei Fat Choi”  A very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year to you all. On the occasion of this chinese new year I am very happy to Launch our New website with a new look and features. Yet another new year, but our hearts are filled with new hope and ambition. we are moving forward with a new beginning and purpose.

By 2016 Buttar Group will celebrate 20th Anniversary, Which is our biggest milestone and we are excited and looking forward for that proud moment.

We will be contributing 1% income to Singh Welfare

In my experience I have seen nothing else pays other than the pure hard work and being humble. On the other hand a very well focused and convincing approach is also very necessary. Our business has grown by years and now its 2000+ clients, and 6 different self owned offices. We are growing, in the mean time we are also looking for new avenues and approach in the business.

There is story of a old man who was seen planting a Fruit tree, when he was questioned if he is expecting to live long enough to taste the Fruit of his labor. He replied, when I was born there was already a Tree and the Fruit which was planted by the ancestors and he enjoyed the Fruit. Now I plant it for the Future. The Act of Planting is the Seed of an Investment to be nurtured for growth and to enjoy the sweetness of Tomorrow.

Like wise, we have planted our seed, nurtured it. We are making sensible INVESTMENT with steady prospect for generations to enjoy.

-Kuldeep S. Buttar

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