1. he/she is financially capable of employing an FDH;
    2. he/she has entered into a Standard Employment Contract (ID407) as specified by the Director of Immigration with the prospective helper;
    3. he/she will require the prospective helper to perform domestic duties only;
    4. he/she will not allow or require the prospective helper to take up any employment with any other person during the contractual period as specified in the employment contract;
    5. he/she will pay the helper a salary no less than the minimum allowable wage as announced by the HKSAR Government;
    6. he/she will let the helper work and reside at the contractual address only;
    7. he/she will provide the helper with decent accommodation and suitable privacy;
    8. he/she is a bona fide resident in Hong Kong and the bona fides of him/her and the prospective helper are not in doubt;
    9. he/she has no adverse record in respect of employment of FDH.

For more information like application procedures, time required and documentation needed to be submitted, please email us at info@visto.hk